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FOTO/Analyst® Express Systems

Analysis Made Easy...for the PC or Mac

Tired of sharing the gel doc system?

The affordable FOTO/Analyst Express with scientific grade CCD camera lets you quickly and easily capture digital images of your gels. You can save these images in a variety of file formats, including TIFF, BMP and JPEG.

The unique live image feature lets you adjust camera settings while viewing real-time changes on a full-size computer monitor. The flexible integration feature offers continuously adjustable exposure settings rather than a limited number of presets. This gives you the control to optimize image quality while maximizing sensitivity to beyond that of conventional photography. As little as 0.1 ng of ethidium bromide-stained DNA can be detected.

All FOTO/Analyst Express-PC systems feature FOTO/Analyst PC Image software. Designed specifically for life science applications, this acquisition software lets you capture, manipulate and store laboratory data. FOTO/Analyst Express-Mac systems feature VisiCapture and Image J acquisition software.

FOTO/Analyst Express Systems are compatible with desktop PCs and Macintosh computers, and can be networked. Choose a workstation with thermal printer to obtain high quality, low cost, 4" x 3" prints, or use your own inkjet, laser or photographic printer. You can also choose from several CCD camera options. Available in three configurations—Zoom Lens Hood Mount, Fixed Focus Hood Mount, and Zoom Lens Column Mount.