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FOTO/Analyst® Apprentice Systems

Economical Imaging Solutions

We took the hand-held gel photography concept and made it digital. The FOTO/Analyst Apprentice System teams a high resolution, color digital camera with FOTODYNE photographic hoods and features a pre-programmed setting for imaging gels stained with commonly used dyes. Combine the Apprentice with your PC or Macintosh computer to create prints, save digital images, even analyze.

To capture an image, simply select the appropriate camera settings, preview the image on the camera display, and click. These photos can be downloaded to your computer through a USB connection.

Choose between two photographic hood sizes. The large hood has a door and a base size of 22 x 29 cm and a maximum subject dimension of 21.5 x 28.5 cm. The small hood is designed specifically to fit on the frame of our FOTO/Phoresis UV or White Light transilluminator for minigels.

FOTO/Analyst Apprentice systems and workstations can be purchased with an optional transilluminator, compact FOTO/Printer, thermal printer, and other accessories.

Apprentice Systems Include:

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